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Oct 18,2019

Oct 11,2019

Aug 29,2019

When Good Data Fails: A Case Study from the Annals of ChinaScope History

Tom Liu, CEO | Sep 04,2019 The global investment community is utterly enamored with alternative data these days, and it seems like every day there are new data vendors armed with some exotic data arsenal joining the gold rush. As the world becomes inundated with all different types data, despite the confidence data vendors project in marketing their jewels, on the back of their minds, the number one question is: does this new data really work? Does it provide accurate predictions? Can it generate alpha? This takes me down memory lane, when ChinaScope first used alternative data to make predictions, and it worked, but the data just didn't sell.

Supply Chain Data and Factor Investing

Aug 06,2019 Data Source:The supply chain data is constructed on the basis of provisional announcements and periodic reports disclosed by listed companies. Coverage Area:Relationships centered on all listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The Decay of Sentiment

Tom Liu, CEO | Jul 17,2019 One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding ChinaScope's NLP service - SmarTag centers on the decay rate of signals generated from news sentiment. This short article will look at the change of information coefficient of a sentiment-based factor across a tracking period of 20 days. We are examining Mainland Chinese news impact on China A-share stocks.

Unearthing Alpha Through SAM and SmarTag

Tom Liu, CEO | Jun 18,2019 As traditional quantitative strategies lose steam in an increasingly competitive environment driven by rapid adoption of data science and systematic trading, the world of alternative data becomes the new Eldorado for financial boffins.

SmarTag News Factor Analysis

Jun 04,2019 Tracking Chinese language news from Mainland China, we test factors generated from news sentiment and heat trends. We find there to be significant alpha signals when applied to the China A-share market.

Rare Earths: A Supply Chain View

Tom Liu, CEO | May 29,2019 Today, the FT released an opinion piece regarding the escalation in the Trade Dispute between China and the US vis-a-vis a potential retaliation by China in restricting its export of rare earth metals to the US. The rare earths topic has become quite heated in the recent week since rare earths comprise key components in technological products such as cell phones and electronic car motors.

Trade War and China's Stocks

Tom Liu, CEO | Dec 12,2018 "So, what do you guys make of this trade war between our two great nations?" Max Baucus, the former US Ambassador to China, casually asks as he sips his wine at our latest gathering, one of many on his frequent visits to Shanghai, where he consults with his trusted local "brain" trust: The Shanghai Five.

NEEQ in 2016: A Glimpse in the Rear View Mirror

Tom Liu, CEO | Jan 13,2017 For those who don't reside in China, when you think about the fortunes of Chinese equities, you probably ruminate about the A-share stock market. But really, the hottest equity market in China is the National Equities Exchange and Quotation or NEEQ, a name that is supposed to elicit images of the object of it's imitation: The NASDAQ.

Machine Learning in Finance in China (or Chjina as Trump calls it)

Tom Liu, CEO | Jan 11,2017 ChinaScope's CTO Roger Xia recently gave a presentation to a whole group of suits and nerds on how artificial intelligence is currently being applied to Finance in China by ChinaScope. The presentation is in Chinese, so this post will probably alienate a bunch of people. But, who cares, OCR this baby, pop it into the translation engine of your choice and you will get the gist, or just keep on reading my paraphrase of Roger's presentation.